Veggie Delights

Do you like eating spinach? I sure don’t. I remember the soggy curries and the fried dishes that were made with spinach at home and forced down our throats in the name of health. The one awesome thing that happened after marriage was that I could cook whatever I felt like eating. with not a single regard to the health quotient. What is more awesome is the fact that my hubby loves food… food that is non-veggie, fried and spiced up with a lot of chillies.

But of late we have been gorging on so much oil, spices and non-veg over the weekend, that we have decided to take it slow on weekdays. I have started cooking all kinds of veg on regular day of the week to counter-act our gluttony over the weekend.

Anywho… I have been trying to learn a few veggie recipes for this very reason. This one is for “Palak-Dal” (Spinach and lentils).

I am going to list down only the ingredients, not the quantity, cause you can tweak them according to your taste buds.

You would need :

Toor Dal (Split pigeon peas)

Finely Chopped Palak (Spinach)

Mustard seeds


Curry leaves

Red Chillies

Chopped garlic

Finely chopped tomatoes

Tamarind juice/paste


– Boil the Dal with the Spinach

– Heat oil, add mustard, cumin, red chillies, curry leaves and garlic, fry till they spatter

– Add Garam masala and chilli powder if you like it hot

– Add the chopped tomatoes and let it cook for a while.

– Once the tomatoes have turned a little mushy, add the boiled dal and spinach

– Add the tamarind juice (just enough to make it tangy without being sour)

– Sprinkle salt and put the lid on.

– Let it simmer for a while.

(In case there’s too much water and you need it thick, let it reduce on a high flame.)

Palak Dal

Serve with dosa or steaming hot rice with ghee….

Bon appetit!!!


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