Random ramblings…

I am a nervous talker… I end up yapping when I am nervous… no… Wait that’s not totally true… I also talk non sense when I am happy… and when I am sad instead of sulking or being depressed quietly, I happen to jab a lot… and then there’s the time when there are awkward silences between conversations and I talk gibberish to fill them up… I guess I also talk when I am bored… like you … in the general way… so I guess… I do talk a lot…

But that’s me… I have nothing to do now and so I’m writing completely crappy stuff… I accept my craziness but what’s your excuse? Why are you reading this without any rhyme or reason? (Unless of course I have begged or bullied you into reading it). I mean you must be soooooper doooper jobless to actually spend your valuable time on this…

And you are still reading it… well if you have made the effort of reaching till here I guess thanks is in order… thanks 🙂 for spending your time in reading my awesomely boring, useless, pointless post about nothing at all… I really appreciate your loyalty and your personal concern for the dipping statistics of my blog….

It also gives me great pleasure in finally declaring you as crazy as I am… cause DUDE… you are STILL Reading!!!

Please go get a life… and stop reading stupid posts…

So long…


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