I miss you…

It’s been quite a while since you spoke to me. I have started wondering whether you really need me around anymore… I was also a little hurt; after all I was with you for so long before you decided to ditch me for him. I am not saying that he isn’t a good guy. He’s quite the catch and definitely the best among all the others you have ever known. Also, I was the one who helped you take the decision, who nudged you over the edge when you didn’t know what to do… I was the one who convinced you to go ahead with him. So trust me I am not against him.

You might think I am a little jealous… and maybe I am… I, after all, have been your inner voice for so long. Remember those conversations we used to have during dark lonely nights. The times when I was the only one you would turn to for any kind of answers or guidance? I was there when you wanted to know why that guy turned you down. I helped you figure out your feelings when you had no name for them. During those happy times when you wondered whether you deserved the happiness, I was there to assure you. During all those years, I was the only one you kept coming back to…

I don’t miss the guidance I used to you; I trust he’s doing any excellent job. What I miss are those conversations. The ones where you just spoke to me, with complete abandon, never holding back anything. The ones that brought us closer and completed us. The ones which proved that we had the same soul. The ones which  were so surreal that I often wondered if anybody could ever have such a relation with you.

I am not jealous of his role in your life, a little hurt that you have forsaken me. A little surprised by the fact that you can carry on so well without me, a little sad to have lost a friend and just amazed at your total lack of consideration….

– Love

Your conscience


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