I have Work!!! Yayee!!!

Nope… I am not being sarcastic, I am actually happy that I have something to do.

I am a very restless soul… I need to be busy all the time. I maybe only one who has never really “Relaxed” in life. I can’t relax during any vacations ( i always need to be involved in something), I need to multitask… even if it means carrying my favorite book around while I am cooking. I usually end up playing games while watching movies on the laptop. I usually read while I watch TV…  I don’t take afternoon siestas, I consider them to be a wastage of time. I prefer to do something more productive during those dreadfully drowsy and lazy hours. In my childhood days, when we spent our summer vacations in Dumdum with our relatives, I remember hating those naps and fretting about the fact that there was nothing else to do. To keep me from crying out of frustration of “no work”, my aunt taught me how to stitch. and to make use of this new found skill, i started stitching everything (that did or did not require any mending). From Curtains which suddenly seemed too long to dresses which just did not seem right around the waist… I pranced along with my needle and the thread, making any visible form of cloth my victim.

That phase ended pretty soon. Then I discovered books. even now whenever I travel I usually carry more books than clothes. Although now I have a much more refined taste in books and have become choosy, during my growing up years I remember reading anything and everything that I could lay my hands on. From a bangla newspaper (I actually learnt bengali so that I could read those articles and cartoon strips), to the takeaway menu of the dhaba, from the investment documents that Dad received, to the book name “Gone with the wind”. My parents finally decided to reign it in and got me a children’s library membership.  with almost a devilish energy I set to finish reading every one of the books there…and then had to get permission to start reading the so called “Adult section” books – these comprised mainly of Jeffrey archers and mary higgins clark.

During my college days I indulged in a lot of crafts, all just so that I could keep my hands busy and mind from wandering down dangerous and totally idiotic lanes. I learnt how to make candles, flowers out of stocking, how to do oil painting. I learnt to make beautiful cards and gifts out of trash. My reading did continue but studies kinda left me with very little time or energy to be able to devour fiction.

My TCS days were really fun. My cubicle mate and I used to get impatient about the slow testing systems and boring afternoons when we just didn’t have much to do. So we decided to teach ourselves how to knit. over a 100s of videos and tutorials we learnt how to knit. before we could fully utilize our capabilities to make something useful, we discovered Crocheting. Similar videos were downloaded… and I finally learnt to crochet.

Around this time I joined MICA for my MBA course and first year again saw time fly by amidst books, assignments and class schedules. Finally second year gave me time to breathe and let myself loose. So I took up crocheting again and during one such spree of crocheting I managed to crochet a cover for everything around my room. So now just my water bottle, but even my pen drive wears a smart blue woolen cover.

Once I settled into my married life, I found myself indulging in a very dangerous habit to keep my hands busy… I started eating… chips. cookies, pickles and what not… eventually I used to either feel sick or get depressed by the fact that i was putting on weight… So now, to keep myself busy, I have taken up cooking. I love to bake.. and when I have nothing to do, I end up baking loads… cup cakes, custard pies, cheesecakes…

I can’t help it but I hate idleness, it makes me feel sad and bored at the same time. Even at work, every idle day makes me hate the work place. so I have learnt to keep myself busy through various channels. I mostly write my posts… or sometimes manage to learn something new.

My hubby fondly remarks at this very irritating trait of mine by saying, “any workplace would love to have a employee like you”. Yeah… I am “That” person who goes around asking for work… and actually feels happy about it…

So long.


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