heartbreak are tough. Of course they do end up making you a little bit stronger in the end. and if you are lucky you will find a place and time in your life when you can look back to those heart breaking moments and actually smile, knowing that you survived it and did eventually find love and happiness.

There’s often a general opinion that the females of our species tend to heart breaks more seriously than the guys. I don’t think so. Maybe the guys don’t express it that often, but a hear break leaves them equally hurt and sad…

I remember my first heartbreak. Since it arrived within months of me finally realizing that I have to act like a proper girl, it was all the more painful and disgusting. Along with the fact that I had to deal with rejection, something that wasn’t even in my life’s dictionary, I had to also feel stupid about changing myself for some random person who wasn’t even interested. I remember being so ashamed of the whole thing that I managed to cut off all my friends… I pretended it was mostly because they were his friends too… and it was somehow their fault… but the truth of the matter is that I was just too embarrassed to be with them… to be judged or criticised or even pitied by them.

I have come a long way from there. As I grew up I learnt more about myself and realised I could never ever change myself just for someone… and I have never done that. I know everyone says it’s all an experience and that we’ll get over it sooner than we realise… but the fact of the matter is, no one can feel it except for the one actually going through it. I really wish it could be easier… or maybe shorter… but it will never be so…


So long…


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