Ladies Coupe – Anita Nair

I finished reading “Ladies coupe” by Anita Nair. This was the first book I read of hers. Though I am not awe struck or soooper excited, I do look forward to the next book of her’s on my shelf – “Mistress”.

Her style of writing is simple and straightforward. She doesn’t really create poetry out of words but manages to hit home with them. The book basically tells you the stories of 6 women in their own words. The fact that the protagonist is travelling with them kind of binds all the stories together and provides a focal point. The stories are mostly about the women’s lives, their dreams, hopes and pain. These women aren’t submissive, timid or even introverts. Each has accomplished something in their own sphere but they are still jostling with the question about whether or not they can live their lives without a man.

The stories go on to describe how even the most seemingly happy woman carries around so much pain and longing… The tales are full of experiences drawn from everyday life and across the social strata. The protagonist of the story is depicted as a very strong person.It is mainly her story…her search for strength and independence. And although in the end she makes up her decision on her own terms… the decision itself was kind of a put off… I am not gonna tell you what it was as it will spoil the book for you.

The book does make a very strong feminist point : the freedom to choose. All the women involved were not forced into any of their situations. They made a conscious decision to be in it. A single weird part was the inclusion of the story of young girl. I failed to see the relevance of it.

Overall, though its NOT one of those books “which-you-just-cant-put-down”, it does have its moments and is a good read.Happy Reading!!!
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