Is this really what you were looking for?

Dear reader,

This blog is not about world peace (I sincerely don’t care and even if I do I am not intelligent enough to write big thoughts).
This blog is not about any clandestine activities (perverts keep away)
This blog is Definitely not inspirational/motivational or even spiritual in nature.
This blog can never ever guide you in anything regarding life, love or god.
This blog is all about me… myself… and I!!! I am a self aware narcissist  .This blog is to pen down my deepest thoughts, my incessant cribs and to blow my own horn…regarding everything that I do… This blog also at times is just an outlet to my awesome imaginations and feelings and most of the time a way to kill time and become more popular (;);)).

If you are looking for big words to learn.. uh huh… not this blog. If you are looking for someone who would talk politics and start a revolution… sorry dude.. wrong place…
but ya, if you would like to forget your life for a while and laugh at mine… or borrow some deep thoughts from me to ponder over… or participate in the utmost non-sensical gossips and cribs…or maybe indulge into some hobbies… then… you are most welcome…

Thanks for reading.

So long


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