I simply love baking. Cakes, Cheesecakes, cupcakes. I have tried a lot of recipes from the net. Sometimes its difficult as few of the ingredients are not easily available in India and often I have to make do with some kind of a substitute which does the job surely, but doesn’t really give the true feel of the recipe.

I started with a chocolate cake and have by now tried atleast 10-15 recipes for different cakes. Although I shall post them in due time, I would like to start with my recent triumph. A blackforest cake. I don’t wanna sound as if I am bragging, but it did taste pretty awesome.

It probably isn’t the “Actual” recipe for a Black Forest cake, but the resulting  cake is pretty close . I simply made a chocolate cake. cut into two halves ( horizontally of course. If you wanna do more, you could make two cakes and then you could have 4 layers.)

Got cherries out of a tin, de-seeded them, chopped them up. Put the cherries, the Juice/water it is in (from the can), a little corn starch, and some powdered sugar in a pan on the stove, over low flame. The idea is to get a thick juicy mixture.

I bought heavy cream and spent a LONG time whipping it with an electric beater. It finally peaked ( This is really important, cause if it doesn’t stiffen enough, it will just run down the cake. trust me, that’s NOT something you will want)

Next dissolve some powdered sugar in water to make a thin sugary syrup(I used the preservative liquid again for a better flavour of the cherries)

prepare some chocolate shavings for the decoration part of it.

Now start with the lowest layer. Sprinkle enough sugary syrup on it to make it moist. You might want to add some more of this, to avoid crumbling of the cake. Lather the layer with a thick coat of the whipped cream. Spread the cherry mixture over the cream . Make sure it is spread consistently over the whole cake.

Place the next layer and repeat the same unless it is the top most layer.

On the top most layer, spread the whipped cream and level it with a spatula. cover the sides of the cake in the same whipped cream. Once the entire cake is well covered, cover it with the chocolate shavings.

On top, go wild, put as many cherries you would like 🙂 Ta Da!!! Your black forest cake is done!

Bon Appetit!

So long…

Black Forest Cake


One thought on “Black Forest Cake

  1. Nish says:

    My mouth is watering….


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