The Help

I happened to watch the Oscars this year and somehow the whole buzz about “The Help” caught my attention. Since I rarely have the patience to watch a movie, I decided to do my favourite thing instead – Read the book. Step 1 : . Step 2 : Read it.

Due to my restless self, I usually start 2-3 books at the same time, and then hop among them as and when I feel like. But the moment I picked up “The Help” I was hooked. The words, the expression, the situations… all make you live through the experience of it. I seriously don’t know why people make movies when you can imagine the whole thing on your own by just reading it.

While reading the book, you would live through Aibileen’s heart break, as she realises that every child she takes care of finally grows up and forgets all about their time together. You would revel in the attitude of minnie… over all you would feel completely at home and definitely in the middle of it all…

Haven’t seen the movie yet… but now I am looking forward to it…

Happy reading….


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