Life As it is now…

Someone told me once that I should never try and avoid anything in life… cause that thing will always find a way back to me! somehow this has turned about to be true for me on two counts till now… two BIG counts.

                                   It is not that I ever avoided Vizag, my so called home town, where my parents live and where I finished my schooling. But yeah I was never really overjoyed to come back here to spend my vacation time when I could have been trouncing about all over the world… hmmm well alteast India!!! I.T has been another thing that I wanted to escape, and till about last week I had almost convinced myself that I probably will never have to get back to that  sector.

                        As luck would have it, earlier this year, my husband got posted to Vizag and I followed him back to where it all began. Although I have stayed in vizag for hardly 4-5 years, it still is home since my parents refuse to leave. they have grown roots here and are blissfully unaware of the world around. in spite of all this, vizag never really became my home. well, the big man up there definitely knows how to play his cards. I bluffed and he called me on it.

              then comes the job part. after a hell lot of searching and also a month of experimenting with a whole new industry, I have ultimately landed back in the I.T sector. I never hated it but wasn’t awesome crazy about it either. anywho… I am back in vizag with a I.T job…

           What I thank god for is the fact that I can be around my folks… and that I really do have a great job. Life always doesn’t really work out the way you planned or wished. The only way to stay happy is to accept every change in life. I think of every unpleasant turn as a small obstacle on my way to pure bliss…

So Long…


One thought on “Life As it is now…

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