Food food food

The fact that I love to eat, cook and feed people is not related to my Bengali origins( or maybe it  is), but it sure is something that defines me better. Growing up, every Sunday I used to watch my dad do the weekly shopping and get loads of veggies and non-veggies. Every Sunday I also faced the torturous ordeal of facing the lunch table which usually had a seven course meal. Sure it sounds awesome but when you are the kind of kid who hates veggies and wouldn’t want to touch a fish (dead or alive), these kind of lunches could turn out to be the reason for a terrible weekend.

Growing up I also saw my mom spend hours in the kitchen churning out these great dishes for us and also feeding people. No i don’t mean she would go out and feed people ( come on people!), but she would call them home and do so  (yup.. you gotta get the horse to the water and then choke them by filling them with it ;)). Every party at home, whether formal or otherwise usually turned out to be an extravagant event which would cater to a minimum of ten people and contain at least 5 main dishes.

I often wonder if these observations of mine had anything to do with the way I turned out. I remember the first time I cooked rice, I forgot to light the gas and waited a half an hour for it to blow whistle. of course I started cooking a little more when I was in Blore. Though the initial phase was more about keeping myself alive than creating art, it slowly became a joy and a stress reliever. Courtesy a couple of friends, I then started frequently some really awesome joints for good, better and best food and that is when my craving for good food finally started developing.

I sure have come a long way from then. For this I must thank my beloved better half. Tank, you definitely add the spice and the sugar to my life. It is with my hubby that I now try out new recipes, new food joints and love every moment of it. In the due course, I shall put up some of our experiences with the food joints and some recipes too.

So long…


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