To whomsoever ( read Ms.N R) it may concern…

I dont care for you anymore… From today onwards i will stop breaking my head over being in touch with you… I will not be sending you any more msgs. I will stop harrassing you for the latest office gossip… I will stop trying to fix you up with eligible handsome men I know… I will stop posting blogs which entertain you… I will stop admiring your cute smile…

Due to your stupid behaviour of not replying to my msgs… For stupid reasons… You are hereby being disowned as my bia*ch.

Unless you do the following things, your place as my work wife will be "deleted" FOREVER!

– write a beautiful testimony for me and post it on my blog

– buy me hundred bhajjis… And eat them all

– go out on a date with the next guy I recommend

– wear salwar kameez to work for atleast 1 month… Daily

– give me your laalten pendant

– buy me the leopard print heels from steve madden and then throw them from the 10th floor.

– go on a trip to shela village and jump in the shela lake…

– supply office gossip to me on a daily basis… If there's none… Make some up… Get involved…

– go my fb page and declare your undying adoration for me

once u have done all of the above things… MAYBE i will make you my friend again…

So long…

Sent from my Nokia phone


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