Is it that time again?

This is something I had written while I was leaving MICA. Just a little nostalgic today and thus the revival of this post.

Being brought up in a Naval household, moving has become a part and parcel of life. Every time we packed our bags, hauled our luggage and drove away from our residence, we did look back fondly, but never tearfully. There was always a new house, a new place and new people to look forward to. 26 years of shifting base has taught me to start afresh every time I’m uprooted and transported to a totally new world and never ever feel bad about the place I am leaving. The experience of moving around is fun and quite happily woven into the fabric of my life and existence.
  As I landed in Ahmedabad this morning, I felt something strange… was it a pinch of regret or a tug of sadness since it was probably the last time I “arrived” here!  Everybody around campus is walking around in a daze, with a warm blanket of familiarity tightly wound around in the last attempt to hold on to every bit of this place and people. There are parties being thrown and dinners being planned for the last few days. Caught in the midst of a plethora of emotions flying around, I can’t help but ask myself, am I sad?
Being occupied with my life and friends outside MICA surely kept me at the outer edge of all the coolness that people attach to MICA. I talk to everyone, but I don’t think any ‘group’ would really like to claim me as one of their own. Add to this the status of being married and I am already in a whole different place. So, the question returns, will I really miss MICA??
Well…gym workouts won’t be fun without  Ayushi around, neither will breakfasts be happening without Aaron around cracking his insanely silly PJs. I will never be able to be the first one to arrive early to class and be on the receiving end of Beedi’s disapproving glance, neither will Bapu call me in the middle of the night to ask me about the next day’s schedule. My nasal allergy will finally get some rest as I won’t be able to sniff out the classic aroma (!!!) lingering around charu’s room and I will have to find someone else to pamper me like Arnab does every time I’m sad or just plain obsessed with myself. I will probably have to call up people like Ajantha and puri to scold them about their habits and will have to pay to watch the plays Taaze directs. I’ll miss being the “heroine” in all of Anna’s future plays and also lose my tabla and drums guru Sahit. I’ll probably become a much more calmer person without Nisarg around to yank my chains and also be able to retain my hair without Vineet pulling out my pin every single time he meets me. TK would definitely lose a very ardent fan of his awesome jokes and Uditanshu will have no one around inspiring him to take up gym or to call him ‘uditanshu’. Vasant would probably lose his creative streak since he’d stop inventing ridiculously stupid nicknames for me… and mani just might wake up someday and remember me. Sahil won’t have to handle a freaked out organiser who’d just scream and shout nor would nubbu have to explain his night time spiritual adventures to anyone in the morning class.
GK would finally have to find out another team mate who can irritate her and also be the first one to hit the dance floor and Jasveen will probably get busy helping some other poor soul through their work schedules. There would a smile on Kanika and ambreen’s face everytime they recollect our dance routines. Guneet will hold on to our secret of long hair and the song “Sheila” will always remind me of the doll next door. I will stop being ‘bong’ without people like Nishi, Nupur and Neel around who have very religiously revived the bong within. It’ll definitely be freaky to walk around normal sized people again after being with Kunal for the last two years I will finally be able to relax at parties without being worried about the kid sitting on the railing. My dance moves would probably go to waste without chandana oohing and aahing at them. I will rarely get the chance to get scandalised and traumatised by the watching the Dabang Poster in front of me. My Salsa would grow rusty without Neha, Ritu, Nikhil and Wani. I will miss being hugged by my Preeto and Ravneet would have finally gotten rid of the klutzy child who always needs meds.There’d be nobody to raise my morale by referring to me as “hottie”.  My competitive streak will suffer a huge setback without inspirations like Rana and Shevde. Vandana will have to practise our fake fights with the wall and Peeps won’t be the “other married girl” anymore. Manas would probably find someone else to refer to as sweetheart and break my heart. I’ll become thinner without Micare and Manu feeding me hot chips and chocolates. I will stop being rishi’s maasi and kaki and what not. Nanda would finally grow up and stop calling me his senior while Nimish will always regret not seeing my awesome ghaghra. Shashanka will finally heave a sigh of relief without someone bugging the life out of him and Karan will thank his stars for the same reason. Abhisar’s all future campaign’s will be missing the ‘silly’ part which I always contributed. Sujai’s bike will think of me on all his long rides on highways and so will Keats when he needs gyaan…
Without trying or even staying around much, I have managed to gather a lifetime of memories. So, will I miss MICA? Am I really sad? The questions still hover and bug me. While my mind starts to analyse and try to see reason, my heart skips a beat and gently leads it away. Every place I have lived in and every single person I have ever met means a lot to me… they are all an intricate part of my life, my presence on earth and my being…
Here’s to MICA… and everybody who’s made it a memory to cherished forever.

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