Ying Yang

My parents are a perfect couple… Yes they fight a lot… but their love, though totally subtle and implicit in nature (They abhor PDA), brings out such beautiful moments in our lives.

         Their typical Ying-yang combination is fun to watch. Dad’s overboard practicality (buying clothes too big for my 8th birthday so that it can last till my tenth) an Ma’s hyper sentimentality (saving all the toffee wrappers that i had collected during my school years) have enriched our lives with not just fissures of tension but also these lovable anecdotes which make for some awesome conversations during family gatherings.

 to quote a few examples:

– My dad’s a compulsive FILER… he just needs to file everything in life. it is almost as if he was put on this earth for the sole purpose of “FILING”. Compare that to my ma’s cupboard which is always in a disarray, no matter how many times it has been arranged.

– Dad’s the serious, bookish kind whereas ma’s the “wild party gal” at home

– Dad hardly speaks whereas ma can spend hours talking to the wrong number on the phone.

– Dad has always tried to make as boyish as possible and ma’s only ambition in life is to turn me into a “Girly Girl”

In short… they will always end on exactly the opposites sides of everything!!!

Anywho… coming to the most recent and amusing incident. Today morning as dad was coming to pick me up, ma packed an aloo parantha dripping with butter for me. When I finally received it, it was carefully wrapped in the leaflet (shown below). Though innocent and a complete coincidence on his part, the action reeks of my dad 🙂

Ad of a local slimming centre

I guess it is their opposite natures’ which makes their marriage work and our lives so very exciting!!!

So Long…


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