A Lonely Cry

I’m leaving you…

What would u think if I said so… ever? Would you think I was kidding or would you panic? Would you just remain passive and shrug your shoulders or would you immediately gather me in your arms to prevent me from doing so… would you just let me and move on or would you take a step back and think about it. Would you really…care???
                Will you look back on all the small things you missed? All the occasions you overlooked my hints? Would you try and make things right or would you just tell me that its all time and place and things would be fine soon? Would you  try to change and understand what I am trying to say? Would you even … care???

I don’t like being taken for granted. It is not a very loved feeling . I want to be loved… crazily… I want someone to pine for me so much that it hurts. I want someone to be completely lost without me. I want someone to miss me so much that it becomes difficult for him to breathe. I want to feel like the centre of someone’s world. I don’t want to be a lousy second. I want to be yearned for…

So long…

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