A beautiful day!!!

I love smiling… not because I look pretty but cause I spent 15000 INR on getting my dental structure straightened. I know that’s a silly reason but all the same, it works for me. Fine!!! I shall accept that I was merely kidding ( but the smile is worth the 15 k I spent). Today morning as I shouted out a big hello to my staff, they asked me why was I so happy… I told them there wasn’t anything to be unhappy about. On a very drab day of my life, someone once asked me how was my day so far. When I said it was dull, boring and steering very close to being outright pathetic, the person asked me to think of anything, however small, that had happened since morning that made me smile. I racked my brains and started jotting down. To my surprise I realized even the slight breeze when I left my home had made me feel good, the ride in dad’s car( which I take pretty much everyday) also made me happy considering I got to meet dad (yup, I am a total daddy’s girl). Although 90% of my list was covered with my sweetheart doing or saying something sweet for me, it made me realize I was overlooking the little joys in life by straining my neck to look at the so called big picture.
                Since my days haven’t started being all that good and rosy yet, I have decided to take it in my stride and look at the small things that make me happy in life. Today at 6, we met up with my parents at the temple for a small puja for my new two wheeler baby. The weather’s awesome. I managed to finish another book in between breakfast and have finally started on my first book by Gurcharan Das. Really looking forward to it.
Have a beautiful day,

So long…

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