Catastrophe strikes Beauty Pageant!!!

Vizag, 4th May: History has witnessed every single occasion when mankind has gone against nature and has been punished accordingly. The same was repeated on the night of May 4th at Vizag, when well know klutz… in fact, the Queen of all klutzsss (not really sure how to spell the plural of klutz), Ms S was begged by 2 unknowing, innocent babes to become a participant of the “May Queen” Pageant. Ms S, surprisingly, gladly accepted, fully aware of the consequences to follow. The pageant initially got delayed over a trifle drizzling… The delay ended after two whole hours and at 10 pm, the participants finally took to the stage. Ms S was participant no. 8. 
             As the first 7 participants hurried across the ramp, the weather was pleasant and mother nature calm. And then, Ms S stepped onto the stage. As she sashayed down the ramp, Mother Nature seemed to wake up with a fury as she rained down without a stop. A word of appreciation for Ms S though, though drenched completely, she not only gave a funny and subtly brilliant introduction, but also managed to walk as gracefully as any “female”. “ I was totally surprised, at first of her nomination and then her walk… I had figured they selected her just cause her husband is so handsome…I called up all my friends to come and watch the show, cause I was sure she would fall and make a fool out of herself ”, says her brat of a brother who literally adores her husband. 
                  “ I had always dreamed of my daughter on the stage at one of these thingies…” wept her mother, “but once she took her first step, I knew my dream would always remain a dream!!! I would certainly like to thank the blind woman who selected my daughter for the pageant, and made my dream come true”. “ I really didn’t see much of her walking or waltzing or stumbling down the ramp as I was busy praying… with my eyes closed for some miracle that would stop the show. And when her name was finally announced, all I prayed was for her to remain on her two legs and not roll down the dais as she often does!!!” contributed her father who has been quite surprised to hear from us that his tomboy daughter actually managed a event less walk down the ramp. We didn’t mention the heavy downpour and the subsequent short circuit and fire which followed due to the rains. (we are not even supplying this newspaper to his house… ).
              Ms S’s husband was unavailable for a comment, but trusted sources tell us that he was actually standing below the dais, right behind Ms S, in case her klutzy genes kicked in and she just trips over thin air or even her own leg. Ms S definitely looked radiant with triumph as she made her way through the exit to the back stage after the first round of introductions. While the other participants looked terrible upset due to the rains, the power cut and the eventual fire, she was seen to be smiling and gloating over the fact that at least once in her life she had escaped mortal embarrassment due to her clumsiness. The smile however was short lived as she cutely tripped over the rope of a banner, bringing it down, banged into the chair holding up the firefighters which helped them dive right into the fire and got her hair tangled in the torch as someone was waving it around.
The pageant got cancelled immediately and the party was shut. 

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