My Big Ass-ed Mentor… Take a bow!!!

                It is often said by those offering completely useless gyaan that in Life, we often meet people… some good some bad… but every meeting lends to us an unique experience and learning ( good and bad). This post is truly dedicated to my moronic, pompous, narcissistic, dumb, big ass-ed and mentally retarded Mentor whose ego is as big as his brain is small…
                Thanks a lot for teaching me that there is hell on earth and devil too. Thanks for making me appreciate every nincompoop that I meet cause no one’s as horrible as you are. Thanks for helping me learn how to take some slices of life with just not an excess of salt but also a big chunk of bitter gourd. If you hadn’t ruined my first job experience I would have never been able to appreciate this downhill journey… cause compared to your existence in this world, everything… yeah I mean everything seems rosy.
                It was you my screwed-up-in-the-brains boss who made me realize how very blessed my life was cause you weren’t in it.
                Mr. Mentor, Here’s to you… a toast to thank every plan you came up with to make my life miserable… I am a much better person cause of it… cause now I appreciate the chai wala and also the boss who’s even a tiny bit kind to me.
A few words of advice:
  •          Do NOT crack jokes, you are only helping to prove the fact that you are a moron
  •          STARING at people with your beady eyes is NOT a communication skill…
  •         NOT LOOKING at people while they are standing in front of you and trying to have a conversation… is RUDE AS HELL and proves you’re retarded
  •         You are a human being… (doubtful… but lets say so to make a point), the others around are human beings too… even the housekeeper… TREAT them like human beings!!! ( If you think they are animals… imagine what that makes you)
  •          Strutting in a Exorbitantly costly denim DOES NOT make you stylish… It proves you are a rich brat with the taste of a roadside rowdy!
  •          Your phone DOES NOT have naked ladies on it… STOP staring at it while you talk… IT IS RUDE!
  •          STOP nodding your head on a continuous loop at everything your boss says … trust me, everyone knows that you don’t understand ANYTHING!!!
  •          STOP Lying to everyone… take a stand in your life…
So long…
Ps : Dear N, This has been on my mind for long… posting it to make sure you have a brilliant day ahead.

One thought on “My Big Ass-ed Mentor… Take a bow!!!

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