I am not really gonna validate my absence with any silly excuses… I was just lazy and deep in self pity. But once I realized that no one is just gonna help me out based on my awesome talents of indulging in self pity, I decided to be a better person ( HA!!!) and start up my blog again. So what if NOTHING interesting is happening n my life… I have my loved ones around ( BIG words huh???) and I am sort of happy… 🙂

So here’s to my favorite reader, Nisha… ( yes Awry I know you read my blog too… but I am just too fond of nisha :)). I shall try and be more entertaining for you to pull through the dull days at office 🙂
Missing you…
So long till my next post…

One thought on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ghosh…I refresh your blog every day…. like religiously…. yes please ..please be your awesome self and keep writing… :)- Anonymously me ( guess karo kaun :P)


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