Jab we met!!!

As we near our second, I happened to look at the wedding site I had created ( online wedding invites were a BIG deal back then…). Here’s some stuff we both had written…

My story…

I opened the door… and there he was …

I opened the door... and there he was ...
I knew Abhisheik’s cousin for the last 12 years. I knew his parents for the last three years. May 12 2009 was the first time I had the opportunity to meet him. 
Ma’s dinner guests had ditched her at the last moment and I was becoming grumpier by the minute. She suggested we call Abhisheik as he was my age and I could get a chance to socialize, for a change. But all I knew about him was that he was choto ma’s ( his mom) son… and wasn’t that happy at the prospect of entertaining a guest when I could easily practice at becoming a better “couch potato”.
The door bell rang at around 7:45 pm and there he was,tall, cute, smiling and all adorable :). We spent the entire evening talking about everything under the sun. He left at around 12 and I actually went down to see him off. He also promised to coach me in tennis and we made plans of meeting up early next morning.
Well… I won’t be playing tennis anytime sooner, but I get to be the bride pretty soon and rule all 😉 yeah!!! we never had that tennis coaching. Just walked around for two hours every morning talking and sometime in between those long long walks and romantic drives at night, I fell in love. 
His crooked smile, that cute sparkle in his eyes, and that amazing feeling you get when you’re with him. Someone once told me, the one person who makes you feel worthy of every happiness in the world, is the one person you would want to treasure for your whole life. And so when he finally popped the question 8 days later, wearing those cute brown shorts, in the middle of some godforsaken station with my dad standing about a 10ft away… I said YES!!!

His story …

In pursuit of happyness…..

In pursuit of happyness.....
Love – four letters in the English language which can mean so much to someone and mean nothing to another. The elixir of life as some may call it is what makes the life we live worth living. So I went through life waiting to make it worth it while by loving with all my heart and being loved back in return, without reason, without question and without doubt. So as I rang the doorbell for a run of the mill dinner out, little did I know that the next few seconds would be the most important in my life.
Life gives you chances, it is up to you to take them or just let them go by. The first time I saw Esha was when she opened the door to let me in…. Into something that would turn out to be much more than just dinner. The smile on her face enchanted me from the very first moment; the ease with which we got along was something that only dreams are made of. She was my chocolate girl, somebody I could dream of but never really find. But that night on the 12th of May 2009, I did find her.
Life after that evening has never been the same, from the long morning walks, to the misplaced tennis lessons, from reef knot to chrome, from vizag to Mumbai….it’s just been one long joyride, one that I’m praying never ends… ‘Insha Allah’. Like she likes to pull my leg as she casually mentions that I proposed wearing my trademark cargos shorts on a desolate railway station…still…I’m thankful to the almighty for giving us the opportunity to keep each other happy….and god willing we will……

Just a trip down the memory lane…


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