To my valentine…

On this special day, here’s to my sweetheart and the love of my life… my dearest hubby!!! Happy valentine sweetheart… you make my world go round and you are without a doubt the best thing to ever happen to me…
It seems like yesterday that I was in my first year of engineering college and was quite surprised to see that every girl around already had a boyfriend or at least an anonymous admirer who sent flowers… chocolates and even teddy bears on Valentines. Being a tomboy I never even had any crushes, let alone boy friends… and although it was all cool while I would be hanging out with my guy buddies, it did strain a chord of despair in the so called feminine heart that I carried around. I still remember sneaking off to the PCO (oh yeah.. those days we only had STD booths to make calls) at 9 at night and bullying my Dad to send me a valentine gift without a name on it. I figured it would just make me feel like a part of the gang at the hostel.
Of course, once I made friends around, I bullied them to gift me on valentine. ( yesssss I am damn good at bullying people into buying me gifts…) Somehow I still am good at it !!! My beloved husband would gladly vouch for it as I have been bullying him into buying me stuff ever since we met 😛
So, any who… this is for you babes…
My heart wouldn’t know how to beat
If it wasn’t for your breath to guide it through
My mind would never conjure up dreams
If it wasn’t for your sweet smell beside
My world would be without a light
If it wasn’t for the sparkle in your eyes
My days would be quite hopeless
If it wasn’t for your arms around
For every single day, today, tomorrow and forever…
You shall remain my sweet valentine!!!
Cause you don’t just help me become better…
You Define ME… whole and soul!

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