Pocket genie????

I dont think I am an atheist… I just might be a little cowardly to completely disregard the presence of a higher power…. And I do find my self doubting the almighy's presence when things dont go my way… So…. Lets call me… A sometime-agnostic-otherwise-closet-religious person….
Off late I have become so lazy and tired of doing anything that I find myself asking god for stupid things… At first it was only the big stuff… Like "dear god help me get a better job"… Or "help us get a good transfer".. Then I started with…"dear god… Please make my notice period a little easier"… And sometimes… "Dear god mom's not well please make her fine"..
And it went on till I suddenly caught myself this morning asking god … "Dear god please make the milkman come after 7 today"… I can sleep a little more that way!
Thats when it hit me that maybe I had started regarding god more as my pocket genie than the almighty that he really is…
I guess I need to stop being lazy now….."dear god please make me less lazy"…. Heheheh
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