As I bid you Adieu…

Will I miss you?
I don’t … think so
You have been nothing but mean to me
My memories of you are filled with your cruelty
The marks your scathing words made, are still red
And the pain still gnawing at my soul
Will I miss our talks?
I sure won’t…
I’m not a cry baby
But every single time you uttered words
You have degraded and treated me bad
I never cried ‘cause I was hurt
but ‘cause I could never imagine someone as disgusting as you…
Will I think of you ever?
I believe not…
When I finally get you out of the picture
I shall not have a problem forgetting you
Your non existence in my world
Would only be amplified and more obvious
Will your absence make me sad?
Definitely not…
Your presence always stuck out as a sore thumb
In my peaceful and satisfactory life
Your absence will be welcomed
And treated as nothing but a boon
Will I ever thank you?
Of course… at every single step of my life…
You taught me what really hurts people
You made me realise how one can be humiliated and demoralized
You gave me lessons in how to make people feel insignificant
You also gave me the direction towards probably a “Rich” but definitely a lonely LIFE
For all these lessons I will thank you…
And every time I do something to cancel out what you taught me…
There will a smile… for every tear I’ve shed…


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