The Joys of Being a B*tch!!!

Me and my “wife” at work – Ms Nisha Raja have had quite long and spiritual discussion over our infamous lunches regarding the morality of being a “B*tch”. And we both have come to the conclusion that life happens just once and somehow its not worth it while you’re busy being a “Ms goody Two shoes” and impressing everyone around. I mean… is that recognition really going to get you into heaven or something? Plus only speaking badly or B*tchily doesn’t really earn you bad karma… right ??? ( oh GAWD I so hope this is true… other wise I promise you nisha… I shall drag you to hell with me!).

So we usually justify every crib, sarcasm, name calling or gossip that we indulge in as one of the perks of being a B*tch… in other words, they are the “Joys of Being a B*tch”. I have toyed with putting up my experiences on this topic since a long time but since most of my talent (of being a B*tch) is utilized in the office (and I’m still on my notice period) on people I still work with (disclaimer : have met and made some good friends here but then again, they are simply the easiest targets of my sooper talented taunts), we shall take it slow and in parts. The parts may be slightly well spaced ( maybe once a year…. Or so….) just to let my readers ( the only two) digest it and get prepared for the next one.

No Ms Raja you may not crib about it… I am as they famously say, “Berozgaar” (unemployed) now… not JOBLESS!!! Hence, the blog posts will take time. But since you’ve been the only who has inspired and also tolerated my complete moron-ness and utterly nonsensical words and deeds, I pledge to entertain you long after I have left this abode… errr…. Office…! Just be patient WOMAN!!!


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