Happy New Year!!!

Although I probably have just two people reading my blog (My husband, who I blackmail into reading it and Nisha my colleague who surprisingly has nothing better to do…) I figured it was high time I came back to it… even if it was to only post random thoughts and blabbering of my soulful self!

Recently I happened to meet someone who not only gave me some very interesting insight (from a book) on my life…( Of course it was uncalled for… ) but also managed to finally make me laugh in this totally sad and depressing excuse for an organization. So here goes : Apparently we all live in some sort of a spiritual plane where we draw up our life’s blueprint and then step on to the earth only to fulfill everything that we have already planned. The blueprint is basically to gain experience, a lot of it, so there’s the experience of losing someone close to heart, another one of learning how to love and of course the one where we intend to get fired from a job just to experience it… ( like really???).

Once the blueprint, which is synonymous with a script, is made, I personally have to find the actors in the spiritual plane who would step down to earth with me to enact the whole blueprint, JUST to help me gain a particular experience. Coming to my problems at work, the colleague suggested that I pretty much set the stage for my torture at work on my own. I “apparently” went around the spiritual plane looking for someone who would be ready to play the bad guy and make my life miserable. Now the catch to this is the fact that whoever plays the bad guy ends up earning bad karma which of course will come and place a smacking bite on his backside… So OBVIOUSLY nobody is ready to help me. The only person who readily agrees is my soul mate.

So get this – the so called “mentor” of mine, who is nothing but a retarded CHILD of age 10 with an IQ of age 2 , shitload of EGO and a whole scrapbook of tantrums… is my SOUL MATE!!! Just because he’s helping me quit my job out of frustration and depression… OOH BOY!!! I really really need to read the book which gave my colleague such amazing gyaan. In fact I am sure the author’s my long lost twin… with the totally amazing pfaff that the book presents to its readers…

Anyhow… with all the frustration, dejection and depression at the work front, the new year’s beginning saw a resolution in action as I finally decided to stop overrated and egotistical people stressing me out and QUIT my job… I really don’t think any pay package or glamour in the world is worth the stress and my pretty hair (half of which I have lost due to the stress!!!)… So here’s to resolutions and new beginnings…


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Aurindam says:

    Dint like the 1st sentence of ur post… may be coz it is incorrect or may be the probability is a bit skewed 🙂


  2. WIFEY says:

    i died laughing ghosh… i died laughing.. i want to start rofling … likr right nowwwww !!!!!


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