Work – Home Balance.

Overheard in the washroom, “should I look after the house or look after the office work?”

A typical phone conversation, “I don’t really know when I’ll be back, just order something in and don’t wait up for me.”

A friend once said, “I don’t mind taking up a job which is far away and has long working hours if the package is good. And I can always hire a maid…”

The world sure is witnessing a whole revolution of “Gender Equality”. The situations/statements above were made by none other than my female colleagues. Makes me wonder… have we really come such a long way that our basic duties/ routines have started losing its priority?

I consider myself a staunch feminist and I’m all for the Equal rights and stuff… but the whole work/home balance baffles me till date. I do understand that it is just the “society” and our “cultural” environment which has set the task of home management (oh yes… trust me you’ve to be an excellent manager to manage a household) for the women folk… but the fact is that we’re actually good at it too. We carry all the genes, emotions and aptitude for managing the family in an efficient manner. (Except the few unlucky ones who are as silly and demented as the men folk). So what exactly is so wrong in accepting responsibility for both our work and home lives?

I think it makes us better managers all the same. I’ve seen my own mom get up every day at 4 am to cook our lunches and dinners cause she too had to leave for her work. I follow the same… I never make excuses at my work place for my family life and I’m definitely going to stop managing home just because I have too much work. I get up early, go to bed late, compromise on a few joys of my life like late nights at the pubs/discs… but I am able to strike a good balance between the two. And somehow I grow as a manager because I’m able to multi task and manage time beautifully.

And coming the whole topic of “Equality”, I believe it’s more about respect and your place in the society than sharing of household chores and earning equal money for the house. It’s about the men recognizing us as human/competitors and worthy opponents rather than submissive house help. It’s about contributing towards a better future of the whole family than just competing on the financial section. It’s definitely not about who gets to do the dishes or who gets to attend to the baby, that’s all internal and between just you and your partner, it’s more of sharing… than about equality!

What equality means, according to me at least, is how you’re given an equal space in the society to live, work and prove yourself. The equality is all about THAT “opportunity” (not about the reservations… ughhhhhhh!!! that’s a whole other idiotic thing I’d want to contradict).

Women have been given this totally terrific opportunity to prove themselves as the better managers and we forget to read between lines. We think if we’re just able to manage our work life… it’s done. What we forget is that our ability to multitask and manage both work and home is what makes us excellent managers. It is what gives us an edge over the others. Agreed, they do pose as obstacles at times, but overcoming them only makes us stronger and more efficient.

So ladies next time you give a work excuse to get out of a job at home … think about it… you just lost a whole new lesson of management!


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