This part of my Life is called "Joblessness"…

· I refreshed my facebook homepage 3 times every 5 secs.

· I proofread every document written by me in the last whole month… twice and made two “versions” of each.

· I went to the washroom at least fifteen times in 4 hours (even if I just wanted to admire myself in the mirror)

· I read every article there is on the net on loyalty programs (of course I don’t remember any of it as I simply wasn’t paying attention)

· I stared at my cell and unlocked it 27 times in an hour just to see whether I have received any msg or not.

· I wrote 8 blog posts out of which I published only two ( this would be the third one in case it sees the light of the day or “the url of my blog” hehehehe)

· Yup… I made damn silly PJs in my head and laughed at them

· I counted days for the month of august on my table calendar (somehow I don’t think there are only 31 days in the month of august :P)

· I rang Airtel customer care and heard their entire menu 14 times 🙂 (Go right ahead and quiz me on it…)

· I read every bimbo magazine I could lay my hands on and also made fun of them

· I cleaned the tiny holes on my engagement ring with the help of a safety pin and then also tried cleaning my key board…

· I counted the number of twirls on the telephone wire

· Volunteered to help everyone with their work…

· Tried to count the number of hair strands on my front fringe ( gave it up after my eyes started hurting due to staring at my fringe)

· Wrote one word mails to my office colleague who sits just a cubicle away

· Sent messages to random people and asked them, “whats up ? :):):)”(Yes… there were three smileys… very specifically)

· Counted the number of times I chewed my chewing gum in a minute – 156 times 🙂

And now I have bored you with 16 silly facts of my day at work.

If you went back and counted… you now know I was lying and there are 17 silly facts 😉



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