Just another day…

So here’s the deal… I am not really familiar with the idea of “fashion”. No I don’t find pink the new black and nor do I think that an orange belt is the in thing to wear with your denim. I also fail to understand why on earth is the rim of a certain sunglass “green” and how “torn” and dirty denims can be exorbitantly priced. My life is simple, symmetrical and mostly in shades of black. I belong to the old school of fashion where everything I wear should match or have a common theme; where black is the colour of all seasons and occasions and where my shoes/sandals need not have animal skin or a fruity print on it.
My wardrobe has been feeling grossly abandoned now that I work in … (ahem) the company that I work in. why? Well you see I’m not just supposed to dress casually ( my wardrobe mostly has formal clothing), but also hotly (ummmm.. did I get that word right???). So everyday morning I go through complete hell… for a very routine bound and routine-loving person, it IS a torturous effort to figure out clothes for office. I have always safely assumed that I can pick up any of formals (indian or western) and be totally fine with it at work. But the very first day of my induction, I vividly recollect my so called “mentor” give me the “look” and informing us trainees that we all will have to be dressed better since we represent the brand that we sell.
So for a first few days I did try my level best since I believe every job and corporate environment comes with its own idiosyncrasies and as an employee we do have to make certain compromises, and a wardrobe change certainly didn’t matter that much. However within a week I threw in the towel and I bowed to those countless women who get ready every morning for their workplace in that awesomely dolled up manner and also manage to keep it up for the whole day. I have gone back to my own ways where I wear whatever I feel comfy and keep smudging my eyeliner by rubbing my eyes !!! At my workplace, I remain a passive (hopefully forever) observer to the phenomenon where a “Brand” not only makes people develop a whole new self and lends its successes and personality to the person donning it but also the way people become rude, vicious and plain arrogant because of the influence of something as materialistic as a “brand”.
I hear complete people talking about how the brand makes them feel confident and in the same breath asking about the functionality of “Ctrl C”!!! I mean like …. Really!!! So as my saga continues in the Anne Hathway style… I seriously wonder, whether I’ll bloom into a butterfly and leave the cocoon or simply leave the cocoon in my ugly self!!!

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