Boredom seems to strike a chord in me releasing a fresh breeze of sheer talent. These are precisely the moments great writers of my time should be wary of. You never know how long these streaks last, but if they do last till I finish writing my book… the world would have definitely found its next big literary genius.
The first time such an aberration occurred, I took it at its face value assuming that everybody is occasionally graced with such good fortune and that it was, if anything, a short moment for me to enjoy. That day I wrote my first poem about my(imaginary one obviously… I totally despise that species) cat. Although it just described the cat’s nap on the mat and its favorite food… the rat…it was quite a hit amongst all the guests my parents entertained for atleast 44 days before dying its untimely death due to my next awesome creation (hmmm.. I do use the word awesome a lot. Note to self : Stop watch HIMYM).
The pattern continued through my growing years and i finally caught on to it during my tenth standard ( I am guessing, that’s when my brain finally developed). At first I categorized them into random ramblings ( exactly like this one) and never took any notice till some of my ardent fans started leaving awesome comments and I fell in love with myself… all over again. From then on I have diligently been on the look out for such periods of boredom where I can write something and stun the whole world into an appreciative silence. But they are as rare as happy endings…
I realize I have been writing non stop crap and have pretty much wasted your time and energy ( you lose atleast 30 cal of energy trying to read between the line of such crap), but then I just can’t help it. I am sooooooooo BORED!!!

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