Always with them…

I remain an elusive dream for many and a land conquered for some. Life doesn’t prove to be good enough, and so they come to me. They cry at times, just not for the ones who pay, but to let out their inner sorrow. They pretend to pretend and let everyone in their secret without shame, because they have me as their cover. At times they laugh with sadness oozing out of their eyes. They do it without batting an eyelid. And I still stand by, supporting them, making them look real to everyone else.

Then there are times when I hear them scream, it still keeps me awake at night. The best ones among them scare me, fool me into thinking they feel the pain within them, that they’re lost and CAN’T. LIVE. ANYMORE!!! But I can always point out a fake… The ones who just let the screams rip out of their vocal chords without their heart in it. They are the ones who I personally find disgusting. They make my insides grow colder with distaste.
Every now and then, I hear a new one. I can feel their anxiety thundering within me, I can smell their fear even in my cold grave. They stumble at times, fumble with words… and then I help them. I lend them a hand to hold on, a patient ear to listen to million repetitions of their story, and also my kind words in the depth of night when they’re alone with me.

You might wonder, why do I help them, since I find them so fake, so pathetic at times…I do it for selfish reasons… after all I need them to make me feel powerful. I need them to live my life without boundaries. I need their life, their commitment and their desire, dreams and hopes. I thrive on their lives. So, I push them further each time, throw challenges to make them stronger… and then before they know it I devour them. Suck their happiness and leave them bereft of whatever assets they had come to me with.

But no… you cannot blame just me, most of the ones I devour, are ready to sacrifice themselves. The moment they meet me and feel the magic, they end up wanting more… and more! Everything around them leads them closer to me. They come to me willingly… and we both make history before they fade away… leaving me alone to conquer more and rule them all…

I am after all… the STAGE!!!


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