Always with me…

It was dark all the around the first time I met him. He seemed cold and distant. I felt unwanted, but I stuck around. And then there was this light… the moment it shone on me, all but me and him faded into the darkness. I spoke, barely audible at first… picked up a little courage and spoke again, loud and clear. My voice echoed back bringing with it his approval. And that is exactly when it happened…
I stepped into a whole new world. one with just me and him. The sky was blue as the ocean and the air crisp. I felt him embrace me and guide me forward… As I stood there shouting my heart out, I realized for the first time… I had fallen in love. Head over heels… with this gorgeous being who made life magical…

Every time I pretended to pretend, I could feel his distaste pricking me at the back of my neck. Every time I screamed with every bit of my pain, I heard his applause. I fell in love with him every time we met. Whether I cried or laughed, sang or danced, it was sheer love that I felt running through my veins. And though he was silent throughout, I could feel his emotions too… I could feel the loving caress when I lay on him, the silent applause when I said something brilliant and the careful words when I was alone with him in the depth of the night.

Years went by, I was mesmerized. Left home, left family… even forgot friends… but I was happy ’cause I was with him. Every challenge he threw at me, I grew stronger. I shared my life with him along with my dreams, hopes and desires. I made a commitment to him. I happily sacrificed everything I had… for HIM!!!

Why… you ask me??? Because like every couple in love… I was nothing without him. He was my reason to live, the sole aim in life and just the one goal I wished to attain… He made me what I am… He sculpted me part by part… He struggled alongside to make me achieve my dreams. To give him my life which he built was the smallest thing I could do for him… and so I did… I gave him my life… my talent and every asset I had possessed when I had met him for the first time… Because it is only with him that I made history… and now with as my final breath ends… I fade away… leaving him all alone to face the world…

After all… I am just the ACTOR!!!


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