What if you knew it was the last day on this earth?

would you call up your first crush to let him know how you felt about him? Or would you eat the most exotic dish at the most expensive restaurant? Maybe you would want to just to sit amidst your family and steal a few precious memories and relive a few others.

What would you really do? or want to do? if only knew it was your last chance… the very last!


2 thoughts on “

  1. semi says:

    main to full on musti no regrets waali 🙂


  2. Charu Chopra says:

    i would go and see the first tree that i ever planted at the age of 6.. its a reflection of how i have grown in life.. it is the me that will stay after i will be gone.. doing what i could never do: be there for people unknown, be there for not itself, but for those whose names it knows not…


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