oops.. did I just forget my friends?

I know I know… I’m a love struck idiot who talks only about her husband and how giddy the love in the air makes her feel!!! sorry folks, just that HE definitely rules my thoughts these days, so a slight slip in my memory…

Here’s wishing all my friends ( the true ones and ummmm not so true ones too) a very very very happy friendship day. I know we don’t need a day to say so.. but it is nice to feel so special when you a know a WHOLE day has beenn reserved for you.

An ex-friend ( well the concept of an ex friend will be touched upon soon in another post) of mine recently posted something like this on facebook “A big F#$% YOU to all my so called friends who sent me happy friendship day messages. Is it a co-incidence that none of my real friends, sent me one? I don’t need one day in an year to remind me how great my friends are. I have 365! ” Well well I can understand why he is so grouchy, considering none of his “real friends” msgd him. I totally agree you don’t need one single day to remind your friends that they are special… but it feels damn good when you’re pampered for even one day for being an awesome friend. . And then someone adds to it saying we are trying to be those westernised desis by celebrating friendship day or some crap like that. Gawd… these software engineers go onsite and truly believe the ones back at home are the lesser mortals. And the guys I am talking about used to not just lech at every female form around college but also devotedly celebrate every “day” – rose day, hug day, chocolate day!!!

Anyway… I was pleasantly surprised to receive msgs and gifts from all my friends… definitely made my day 🙂 Thank you guys.. I so totally love you ( all 365 days… but saying it openly for one whole day feels good too).


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