2 monthanniversary !!!

My Facebook application read ” 56 days and counting – marital bliss”. Yup I’ve completed two whole months as a married woman. But the bliss is yet to be achieved… no no we’re not fighting or bickering… or unhappy, it is just that we are still apart owing to my education and his job. If anybody had ever told me that I would actually be able to pull off a long distance marriage I’d have laughed. Yes I accept I’m one of those idiotic creatures who doesn’t believe in long distance. Or should I say “never used to believe”!!!

I have been of the firm opinion that long distance relationships might work for one of the two engaged… not both. Eventually frustration seeps in and then temptation sweeps you off your feet. Maybe in earlier days when temptation was a bit lower and modes of communication few, but in todays world? nah….. I have seen relationships form and break over long distance. I remember one totally love struck friend telling me that “love makes it possible” and I just couldn’t fathom how love overcomes long distance and win?
Well now it is definitely a different story. I am a convert. I have not only started believing in them but am in one of them successfully for the past one year and two months 🙂 And the credit definitely goes to my soulmate, my love… and now also my husband, tank. It wasn’t as if I never believed in love, its just that it had never happened to me in its total magical self. Tank doesn’t just make long distance easier… he makes it brilliant. Random flowers, gifts… long letters of atleast 5 pages… and it does make a huge difference. It just tells me how much he misses me too and that my friend, is something that keeps us going. The marital bliss that I spoke about is still a dream as it definitely involves both being present at the same place at OUR home… hmmmm. But for now I truly believe and cherish long distance relationships.

So as I step over the threshold of two months, here’s praying, my marital bliss arrives soon. Love you loads darling. Thanks for completing me!!!

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