1. It s been raining cats and dogs here since almost two weeks now, and although it does provide us all with the much needed respite from the heat, the dampness somehow creeps into your very being in some time.At first all you’d want to do is, get drenched in the rain or dance in it. Then you’ll arrive at the turn where you’d just wanna sit by your window or balcony, feel the slight drizzle on your skin and sip hot tea. Finally there’s this place when all you’d want to do is curl up with a book and just stay like that.

2. Being jobless doesn’t sit well with a true leo like me and it has a strange effect on me. First I become restless and fidgety then I become irritated, finally i get so depressed that i just want to vanish and never return.
3. Classes are slow. I waited an entire week to finally attend two classes today which turned out to be a complete waste as the faculty wasn’t keeping that well and went through the exact same cases as last year. and surprisingly this has been happening with all the other subjects too. So either the faculty members have totally lost their mojo, or we already know everything that there is to know about marketing jing bang…
4. A friend has somehow become a rare commodity these days ( oxymoron??? well i don’t think so). I am not used to such treatment, period. I truly believe that I have been an awesome friend and still I find myself all alone at times when I need a friend the most. There have been times when I just need to sit back and let things out. When I just need to be pampered without any conditions and times when I just need a punching bag. Thank god I have tank. He’s not only the world’s best husband but also the world’s best friend. He loves me unconditionally and makes me feel like the queen of the world.
5. Team work was supposed to be a virtue in the world that i left behind. The place where professionals are admired for their ability to work in a team, stand for others and make sure there is no animosity around. Here things have different definitions and they don’t quite sit well with me. People here strongly believe in individuality. They believe in “every man for himself”.
6. right now I’m bored and in a very strong ( lame too) effort to continue writing my blog I cam up with the concept of a random post which would contain everything and anything I feel like 😉 That proves how bored I am 😉
so long till my next post!

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