Markstrat Mania

In any b-school, markstrat(for all those lowly non-MBAs… It’s a market simulation game for strategy building) is quite an integral part of the curriculum. It’s all about launching us into a make believe world so that whatever mess we create with our learning’s can be contained and doesn’t really destroy everything our forefathers and fathers have built till now!!!

So my final year started with a whole session on how to play the simulation and before I could tear my eyes away from the awesome novel I was reading… The round 0 was declared open…eh??? What the F!!! So anyhow, I found my team and started… Well they started and I went back to novel. Three days later when our company was still failing miserably… We decided to appoint a consultant ( ummm… Basically bribe one of our friends). By the fifth day I somehow got the hang of it and since then even my dreams are clogged with terms of markstrat… Just to illustrate this point here’s an excerpt from my chat with a batchie…

Her: please mark my attendance

Me: there is no sheet…

Her: she took roll call?

Me: nope

Come to class you moron….

Her: hmm.. I need to get out of bed for that

Please mark attendance if she circulates sheet.. I’ll take bath and come

Me: I’ll think about it

First I will weigh the pros against cons

Her: then?

Me: then take a look at the market forecast

and if I think the price elasticity suits

only then I will mark your attendance

That too I’ll first have to decide which ink pen I will use

Her: no no.. Do an ideal value estimation also

Me: only if there is a demand forecast for the colour of the ink I am using

I will use the pen

Or else I will WITHDRAW!!!

And sell off your stocks and attendance to aashish sharma

He has low attendance you see

Her: 😐

hmm.. Interesting.. But right now I need to go and invest in the loo market..

Me: make sure the product characteristics are perfect…Shape size colour

Her: fragrance?

Me: no…

Singles aren’t not sensitive to fragrance, there’ll be no brand purchase intentions “


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