I’m Back…

Hi … Let’s make this quick and painless… I know I have not been updating my blog but I was really caught up in the overtures of my life ( ummmm alright… I was being plain lazy :p).

So with that out of the way, here’re a few updates :

1. Quit my job ( April 2009)

2. Joined my dream b-school ( may 2009)

3. Got married to the perfect guy (June 2010)

4. And of course.. It’s my b’day in a month’s time 🙂

Oh I also managed to survive my internship for two months. I write “survive” because I truly mean so. Yeah I know I wasn’t really put into a cage with a hungry lion or made to run across a jungle filled with vampires ( ok that reference is due to an overdose of the twilight series), but it was a true survival test. With a witch for my pg aunty, a very very boring boss and a totally dead team! The people on my team were severely slow and socially retarded, my mentor complained that I was too sincere since I called him thrice a day for job assignment. And my guide ( umm yeah.. I really don’t know who was who.. Mentor.. Guide.. Boss… All kinda have fused into an unrecognizable lump inside my brain!!!) So.. My guide/boss/mentor.. Basically my mentor’s boss was full of ideas and always had “two reasons for everything “!!! But surprisingly enough I never EVER got around to hearing his second reason for ANYTHING!

My pg aunty was this totally hep old lady who only had male friends with whom she chatted online ;)!!! ( no seriously guys… I have it on record during a survey interview that I conducted). I’m sure she had some emotional problem with her own son ( who I’m so sure was totally gay), that she just wanted to be everybody’s momma. And to top it all her son was so fond of my name that it became his hobby to wrap my name on his tongue and repeat it at least 56 times every time he met me. apparently he TOTALLY loved my name 😉

Ok fine.. There were a few good things about the stay away from home… I got to make new friends… Know a batch mate better (yup.. She made surviving a lot easier) and also made a lot of enemies 😉

All in all the experience was definitely worth the pain 🙂


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