Happy birthday to me :)!!!

Wondering abt the title of the post ? You must be still wondering as to how could somebody be this self obsessed and self centered… well…. now u know how.. and the following lines will tell you – how much!
So today’s the brilliant day on which I was put down on this troubled world to do loads of good to you all… Have been receiving my birthday wishes since midnight. The ones who have already wished me, please do keep my gift ready. And the ones who haven’t yet.. do so quickly cause then u won’t be left with much time to buy my gift 😉
And seriously guys.. GOD save the ones who forgot, Cause they’ll on the receiving end of a year long tantrum and quite innovative and weird abuses … soon!!! Come on guys there are not many great ones born, so how difficult is it to remember the birthday of the greatest one of all.. hehehe
so my birthday started on a great note.. at home right now, so was woken up by ma and dad at the stroke of midnight and then the others followed suit. Thanks a lot ppl for makin this bday memorable 🙂
Love you all…


3 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me :)!!!

  1. AM says:

    why did u stop blogging :S ?? Keep it up .. u r good 🙂


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