"Keep OFF this book !!! "

Its a dull saturday afternoon and somehow my managers at work have successfully managed to make it painful too. Yeah I’m sitting in the office at the moment cursing the day I was put into this horrible project. well I do agree I get some good work to do and that I really have had some good responsibilities around but still there’s this feeling of… boredom. After all for how long can u really stick to one project 😦

Anyway, coming to more important things, I just finished reading this horribly boring book called “Keep off the Grass”. Its the debut novel of someone and being a huge fan of Chetan Bhagat and Siddhant Dhanwant Sanghwi, I kinda assumed that every debut novel would be good if not great. The story line was intriguing enough. Its abt this wallstreet banker of indian origins who leaves his job to come back to india . He joins the IIMB for an MBA and as an excuse to the whole dramatic change mentions his inner tumoil of not belonging to any place. The usual stuff— the clash of cultures and the confusion that ensues owing to the very open american culture and the strict ways of the immigrant parents who take on the onus of “preserving” their culture.

On reading the summary given on the back cover, I thought of giving it a shot. Trust me for the first time I felt it was a waste of money. I have bought stupid books even before, but have ended up liking something or the other in those and have never ever thought of it as a waste of money, till I read this book. It started well ( like the trend of doing a flashback kinda thing), but by the time I reach its third chapter I couldn’t wait for it to end. A big weakness of mine is that I can never leave a book in the middle, however irritating it is. But this book truly tested my patience.

The author started the tale by explaining how the protagonist came down to India in “search of his soul” or some crap like that, but somehow ends up describing India as a country where u can dope and booze everywhere without the fear of breaking any rules.

Starting from the Campus of IIMB to the foot hills of himalayas, thats all he ( he being the protagonist) has done. In between there are snatches of some philosophical stuff but with all the other gross stuff happening, it does not convey the meaning it was meant to. There are some boring details of how the poor “desi- firang” failed his subjects at coll and made a mess of his career. To spice up things the author introduced a female, a cannibal and some raja bhaiya of benaras. Overall, it just was a huge mess.And the end was miserable, when the guy finally discovers and decides that he doesn’t need to smoke grass to be happy. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It could have been a management guide , but the things mentioned are more of a fictional quality than of statistical basis. It might have passed as a philosophical guide, but the ambiguous way some concepts are mentioned and the gross presentation of worthy stuff makes it worthless. It also could have been one of those books which lead to self realization , but the “self” mentioned over here is too badly messed up. The cover reads– its humourous, trust me if thats humour, I’m the queen of the world. The author basically tried putting in a lot of things at the same time, and tried to combine a lot of the laterst trends.. and failed miserably.

I usually don’t do a book review but this was so bad, I couldn’t stop myself. 🙂

Note — This is solely MY opinion. Don’t intend to hurt or discourage anyone.


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