Random Happenings…

I do realise its been a really really long time since i have posted anything on my blog. Without giving boring reasons and explanantions i’ll dive headlong into my first post after this huge gap.
>New year started on a comaparitively melower note. (Not that my other new years were rocking…)
> I had two calls from colleges for my MBA. converted one of them but didn’t join.
> Got depressed, got over it too.
> surprisingly having a really good time at work . Been given a lot of new responsibilities so having a nice time.
> DID NOT TRIP at all till now 🙂 which is definitely an improvement .
> Personally have been having a nice time…
Oh my god… What a damn happening life i have 🙂
well so long till my next “happening” post.


4 thoughts on “Random Happenings…

  1. Sinetheta says:

    who R U????????????


  2. Anonymous says:

    hi, well i had to google fr a gud 10 min to locate your blog..succesful at lastnot many a worthy blog??hope u get what u r looking forcheers


  3. awry says:

    ….”surprisingly having a really good time at work”….Having a really good time at work!! Surprising [:o]


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm….You seem to have vanished. You still around in the same city?Give me a call sometime..- Keshav


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