Who all belled the CAT???

The D day came and went, as silently as night , with a dark cloud which darkened many lives but the shiny sliver below did manage to brighten a couple too. As me and my friends waited with bated breaths.. ( oh well I was holding their breaths not mine ;)!!! ) , the CAT result did hold a few surprises, many shocks and before the day was over, there was a huge amount of debris scattered around, mostly from the broken dreams and hopes. As one pained soul stated on being consoled, “Its not the end of the world, but it is of a dream!”. That’s when it struck me how much this meant to people. My case was pretty different, I mean I had entered the rat race very late. But I am guessing in about three years time I’ll pretty much be where these people are ( that does NOT mean I’m going to stick around to feel that bad… might just take an easier way out).

For me it was another entrance exam that I had managed to screw up royally (which, if u notice my past record, is not very surprising or even out of the way ). But that day was definitely one of those when I sincerely took time off to think about things. About the rat race we were all a part of, or would be in a few years. Does life really have to be that complicated? I mean ultimately we’ll end up in some b school and then a good job… some might make it big.. some will be content with just a mediocre way of life. Then why must we all go through this torture. Personally I believe, the ppl who’re destined to make it big ( ya I do believe in destiny), will do so even in dire situations. And the ones who’re meant to constitute the crowd of common man will do so irrespective of whatever resources they have.

Is this all really worth it? For some… yes… for some no…. if you ask me… well I haven’t been able to decide it yet. I do want to acquire a management degree… but do I want it from just a top notch college? Or have I managed to resist caving in to peer pressure, and will be content with just a good college. That day I finally realized what the answer to a simple question like this can do to people. I saw my friends completely shattered, with no aim left. And this happens every year to so many people. The helpless part of it being one can’t do much to alleviate the suffering. I know they will all bounce back soon. Get on with their lives, build new dreams and continue working towards those till either they accomplish those or the CAT’s meow is heard around the corner again. For some it will be an endless pursuit, some will realize it’s futile and give up, some will persevere, and a few will accomplish. Guess its not the job they are looking at, but the career they’ve all dreamed of since probably they were in school.

I just wish and pray for all my friends who dream and are destined to make it big. I’m sure guys something really good will happen to you all.


2 thoughts on “Who all belled the CAT???

  1. Aurindam says:

    bttr luck next time 🙂


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