Saving Flounder… from Nemo!!!

My totally idiotic friend cum colleague finally submitted to four months of continuous nagging and torture to buy me a birthday present…After four months and thirteen days on 31st dec ( all you guys who have forgotten my birthday.. this is a clear hint.. do the math) he finally turned up at home carrying this HUGE glass bowl and two totally adorable goldfishes in it…. a truly amazing gift i must say… named one “nemo” and the other “flounder”….

Now some update on those two cuties…. nemo’s very naughty and doesn’t let flounder eat anything.. most of the time i find him irritating flounder and nudging or butting him around ( so i’m guessing my assumption of both of them being males might be .. ahem.. wrong…) and flounder is a bit smaller and a lot heftier than nemo.. he rarely eats and just stays at one place… its so damn adorable to see the two frolic around in that big bowl. at times i actually end up feeling sorry for those two kiddies.. i mean how boring their lives must be na.. going round and round in that tiny bowl.. i even think of playing some “fishie” music for them .. but thank god for their short term memories .. that is definitely their boon and helps them keep themselves in u know.. everytime they meet they go..” hi i’m nemo” “hey i’m flounder” and then a few seconds later just before starting to get bored they meet again and go…”hey i’m nemo”.. “hi there.. i’m flounder” Gosh!
Well now that i’ve a full timepass planned out with my sweethearts, i’m gonna keep u all updated with it…


2 thoughts on “Saving Flounder… from Nemo!!!

  1. Sinetheta says:

    well u can get a pair too na… 🙂


  2. mecurialmind says:

    Oh Wow…..I wish I had them :)….


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