Finally!!! ( i hope)

Yes, the search’s finally started ( atleast according to me). The right college, the right job and now its all about the right guy. Don’t worry dear readers, I was not away for my engagement or my marriage, as u might have safely assumed, it was cause I had fallen sick again. I’m truly an unique piece, considering the number of ailments that grace me with their presence. But this time around, my parents finally noticed that I was of , what you would call in India, a “marriageable age”. And although I’ve always advocated for a late marriage ( read — 25 -27 years) , it was definitely fun speculating them suddenly freak out over the whole concept.

But, Ooh boy, was I in for a shock or what? I jovially introduced the topic and had planned to sit back to enjoy their “ hyper” reaction. But as I was pumping my back pillow, to settle back and witness the fireworks, I was clearly aware of the silence reigning the room. Smiling smugly at the thought the it was the “tension” that was floating in the air, I gave myself a mental pat on the back and turned around slowly to watch the fruits of my labour. The scene — Ma was calmly browsing through the newspaper’s astrology column and dad was engrossed in NDTV profit ( and by engrossed I mean he was ready to dive into the set to save his drowning shares). Hmmm… I thought and interpreted the scene like—ma was probably wondering whether “astrologically” it was the right time to start looking for a guy and dad was probably doing mental calisthenics over the marriage budget, and thus the tensed look on his face. Well so much for wishful thinking. Two heavily silenced minutes passed and as I started to think maybe I had dropped too heavy a bombshell, my ma asks me, without turning, “so… do u have anyone in mind?”

Hello!!! Why would I even ask u people to look for a guy if I already had someone… DUH!!! Anyways as the so called “marriage” talk progressed, my ma was found to be hoping desperately that I already had a boyfriend with whom I was too much in love and just had to marry him. She probably made me spell out every guy’s name that I knew in a ,fast depleting , hope that she might be able to catch that… glimpse of “LOWE” ( no no.. thats how it is spelt when its just too much too hide !) in my eyes as I spoke “his” name. My dad conveniently ended his side of the conversation by saying “what marriage… in fact.. why bother to get married??”

In the following days all my ma would state with reference to this topic was , “ find a good guy, settle down… in fact elope, have an adventurous beginning… we’ll not mind.” I mean, hello!!! One thing… just one thing that you people have to do for ur beloved daughter… and that too is not happening….

Hmmm!!!! I had always wondered how would I finally get married considering the “no-boyfriend” scenario , the fact that no sane person was ready to fall for me and the fact that I wasn’t ready to date. The sole thought that helped me through those difficult assumptions was the thought that my parents would find a nice guy and get me settled.. hmmmphhh!!! And now even that doesn’t seem like happening… poor me!!!

Anyway, so much for freaking my parents out! They happily turned the tables on me. But I guess i did give them some food for their thoughts ( keeping my fingers, toes.. and even my eyes crossed for this one) , and hopefully they’ll start searching…. soon! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Finally!!! ( i hope)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you believe that love happens in first sight, though for LOWE it might take some sight seeing.:)


  2. The King says:

    hope the thunder doesn;t follow suit… best of luck…


  3. Sinetheta says:

    hehehe ya i guess pretty much that kinda effect.. i was hoping for a more dramatic effect like thundering and a huge spotlight falling on my mr.right… wouldn’t it be.. cool!!! hehehe


  4. The King says:

    So, madame, waiting for that cinematic spark, with all those flowers falling and sudden downpour from heavens, to find a guy?


  5. Soul says:

    is it so hard to find that one guy !!!!!


  6. nice one di.. good going..


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