A routine "theta" day !!!

Well my bus arrives at this unearthly hour of 7:20.. so I have to get up by 6:30 and some days when I plan not to take a bath ( some very very lazy days… 😉 ), I can extend my sleeping time till 6:45. well most of the days I’m the first person at the bus stop… some rare days find me running after it. The journey to office is totally boring and uneventful… no cute guys on the bus either..( somehow the cute ones are always on the other bus or the other company altogether … ).

I reach early.. like.. real early.. I actually enter with the security guard who walks in to switch on the lights and stuff.. and I love doing a jig kinda thing in the empty office.. it just gives u such a good feeling and a much wanted boost to start with ur daily routine and boring chores at office.. 😉 nah!!! Who am I kidding.. its just FUN!!! And probably the only other guys who know this are the admin guys who watch the surveillance cameras…

Then starts the routine of switching on the comp and getting to work.. oops did I say work?? Well that never happens unless my bosses are sitting around. The most important work of my day is to refresh my mail box like twice in every minute in spite of the very obvious and clear indication that I won’t get any mails.. some days get so damn boring that I check ( by that I mean “read”) all the corporate messages too ( I know I know it sounds the combination of extreme desperation and pathetic boredom ;))

Then of course the daily ritual of writing something absolutely useless on the board.. in a beautiful handwriting ( and admiring it from every possible angle).. and then inviting ppl from far off cubicles to come and admire it.. ( which never happens… cause they’ve bad taste :-/). And then the most interesting job of mine.. pinging my cubicle mate and irritating the hell out of him.. or visiting random ppl and eating their brain out ;). Ooh “eating’ another favorite pastime… I irritated a colleague so much ( by telling him how hungry I was after every two hours) that he took me the canteen bought me lot of junk and asked me to just shut up 😉 well not exactly but he thought when I eat I’ll automatically shut up.. but not happening dude.. I can talk and eat.. wonderful isn’t it ;)( multitasking is rare gift dude!)

Oh.. then there’s this amzing li’l thingie called the messenger.. (company internal) which helps me irritate ppl who’re far away .. hehehe Like I said.. I can multitask.. so irritating at least three at a time .. quite an easy job!!!

My seating place is quite horrible considering my ML sits in front of me, and my PL, PM sit right behind me… with my monitor in their line of vision…That leads to the rumour that I work too hard.. DUDE!!! When I have to look into my screen and pretend that I’m working hard most of the day… its not my fault that ppl have weird thoughts abt me working.. sheesh!!! And every time u see me engrossed in copter( that’s like my fav game.. doesn’t need much brains..)… it means they’re not there.. and of course vice versa.

So you see, all in all I’ve a very very productive day… I irritate people.. by cracking amazingly pathetic PJs… annoy my cubicle mate by asking him the most stupid questions…(have u lost ur smile somewhere??? Do u have a girlfriend.. what would happen if u had a girl friend…do u smoke.. why do u do it?? Is there a reason .. if there was a reason what would it be???) its actually a miracle that he hasn’t shifted place like all the OTHER previous ones

And then I eat ppl’s brains.. and munch on something every moment of my day in office.. listen to music and actually dance on my seat( yes!! It is very much possible ppl!!!). Hmm gosh it gets too hectic yaar.. I mean just abt 8 hours in this office and so MUCH to do!!! Phew…. Life’s really hard 😦

Disclaimer : This post is purely “fiction” in case you’re one of the above mentioned bosses of mine.


7 thoughts on “A routine "theta" day !!!

  1. Sinetheta says:

    hey bachcha…. thanks a ton for the gift… would mail in free time:) but u definitely made my day.. actually.. “week” 🙂 take care


  2. hey you had a disclaimer too!!me not very surprised..i know the guy who feeds her choclates eveery 2 hrs( this is to the readers of this blog and not for you) and blv me, he does it!!!and still she multitasks… oh god..


  3. Anonymous says:

    How r you sweetie…Come soon da..waiting for a routine day like this as soon as possible..Ur roommate(!!!!)


  4. Asshish says:

    ….Not writing these days


  5. Hi…..Nice attempt …


  6. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  7. awry says:

    “cute guys”!!!look who is searching!!!!!well… ahem… ok… i wont say nythng on ur blog!!… i mean i wont tell them that i concluded that u r much prettier than …… (u kno who):p


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