There I go again…

“People” can make an interesting subject of … say… study, discussion, argument,adoration, hatred…. and …er… umm…. my blog… ya ya I know I spend half my energy to get to know people…. half of the other half to get through to them.. and the rest in either getting excited about them or bitching about them… but guess there’s where my passion lies… you know.. in getting to know people.. more than that.. in getting through to them…

Trust me it was much easier in school life and even college life… I mean people would easily become friends… trusted you, shared stuff…probably even ended up calling you their close buddy… and maybe that attitude of those arnd spoiled me… even now I expect people to do all that.. open up immediately.. trust me with their lives.. and share every tiniest detail with me…. its not like an obsession with me though.. I just enjoy “knowing” people….ya I do realise it at times that I might be getting a tad bit irritating and.. well lets face it… a pain in the … neck!!! ( but then again… who cares…..)

I’m quite the epitome of impatience.. I mean I would rather prefer to have my life fast forwarded to a stable point .. you know one day I wake up to find myself married with the man of my dreams, the dream job even with a perfect baby…umm.. lets make that a child… or a teenager… hey a grown up would be so much better….. hehehe SEE what I meant by saying I was impatient??? Anyways this is was way out of my subject.. what I simply wanted to say ( which could have been done without winding arnd silly stuff but wouldn’t have been half as interesting!) that I rather that whoever has to become a close friend of mine does that quickly… hehehe silly na??? well not that exactly that but yes.. people should be more open to a friendship… they should also be a wee bit sensitive.. and should reciprocate correctly.. and being little expressive once in a while isn’t really gonna hurt u know!!! Ooooooooooh boy!!! I guess thats way too much to ask for… and now that I give it a second thought, at some particular level I also like to get to know a person bit by bit…. its fun and it never gets boring..and I also LOVE challenges.. like getting through a really really really adamant person… who’s almost hanging over the cliff of a silly “reserved-ness” into the region of “rudeness”. It gives so much more meaning to life… hehehe… guess I’m just obsessed with rude people 😉 to feel so damn affectionate towards them !!!

So I guess I’m back at square one where things are just the way they should be .. hehe.. so much for wishing and hoping for better people 😉 Anyways will sign off now… gotta get back to meeting a lot of weird people u see!!!


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