Birthday bash!!!

hmmmmmmm.. I had an amazing and truly fantastic birthday celeb and a cool weekend too…. I know maybe i shouldn’t bother you with all the details so will just sketch it out…

  • As the clock struck twelve, I received calls from everyone… and then did the honours.. by cutting TWO cakes…arranged by my sweet roomies and close friends and then got smeared by chocolate ( a complete waste of a tasty cake .. hehe … nayways thanks neelu, shailu , karan and vidu.. for putting in so much effort and making me feel so damn special…. love you all soooooooooooooo much)
  • Went for a fab lunch.. and then dinner with two of my favorite people in town…. can’t thank you enough vidu.. and bhaiya of course.. “tuffy” says hi..errrr… “woof” precisely… and if I flunk in my Exam this year , the credit will go to your gift ;)… but srsly thanks for getting me “the” perfect thing for my b’day!!! Thanks vidu for the last wish on my special day 🙂
  • The next day dawned as beautiful as the day before, and then got royally scrunched with the stupid mock exam I gave…
  • The evening was grand as I once again went out with friends… to celebrate my b’day.. belatedly I mean…. ( don’t worry I’m not a crazy person who keeps on celebrating her birthday every day of the year… although….. now that I think of it.. it is definitely a GRAND idea.. but I guess it’ll get boring for the other poor souls arnd me !)
  • Had an amazing dinner.. Thanks Basil,Kapil, Manas and Santosh…for the amazing dinner.. and the cute gift….. LOVE YOU ALL people…..
  • And the final part… went for this amazing long.. and I mean LONG ( don’t cut me manas.. it was long for me :-/) drive on the highway to some place … we put on music and sang along….. it was so much FUN!!!! The best part??? ( manas promised) it was just the trailer.. will take a (real) road trip soon.. cool!!!

So there you see… I started out thinking I’ll probably have this drab b’day since I’m not in college any more.. but ended up having a great time…. even better than college I guess….( although did miss ILP cause man!!! THAT was amazing fun!!!!

A very warm and heartfelt Thanks goes out to all my sweetie pies, who made this day so special for me….To all those people who called me up.. it meant a lot to me people… Bhaiya, Vidu, Neelu, Karan, Shailu, Basil, Kapil, Manas,Santosh.. and even Rohit who took pains to come and meet me and forget that he was supposed to bash me up ( hehehehe)… Ma , Dad.. I missed you….


One thought on “Birthday bash!!!

  1. Aurindam says:

    hmmmmmmmm…u seem 2 b really really happy after a really really long time.Let the adventure continue….and ya… hav a nice time with bhondu 😉 😀


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