Long time…..

Been a long time na? Well I joined work after the awful chicken pox episode… and then got so bored by it that I wanted to go back to having chicken pox hehehe.. isn’t that the way it always is? I mean when we have something we want something else… and it goes on and on ….

Anyways I came back and started teaching my intern… now before I proceed to tell you how frustrating that was.. I’m sure you would want to get a clear picture of the reason.. so here goes.. ( reminding everybody once again.. THIS is MY blog.. and I can bitch abt anyone how much ever I want to……)

So before I got sick I got this so called MTECH ( why so called?? you’ll see!!!) intern to teach whatever technology I was working on. Things were going on pretty smoothly until he decided to ask me a question….” how do I minimise the window?”.. perplexed as to why he wanted to and HOW in the world didn’t he know…( gawd!!!) I asked him why.. and the reply .. was well.. umm lets just say I wasn’t ready for this kind yet.. ” won’t we lose the data if we didn’t minimise the window…??” (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

OH K!!! maybe he meant something else… err… actually NO he meant exactly what he said.. and after that these doubts kept coming… Now I take pride in being a good teacher.. I get through to the ppl I teach quite easily and have taught loads of ppl.. and i’m especially good at teaching Prgming Languages ( I still remember those late night classes I used to take for my non Comp Roomies…), so you can very well understand my point of frustration when I wasn’t able to get through him even after two weeks.. anyways divine powers intervened ( and stopped me from killing him !) and I took off for two whole weeks for due to chicken pox…. and then…..I was back !!!!

Since I was getting a bit too stressed with this teaching business, all my friends asked me to take it easy and lay low since it was affecting my health badly… and so I took up teaching him again but this time I was not trying to make a bill gates out of him.. was just trying to teach him the basics.. or whatever!!!! And then one day he snitched abt me to my lead.. and that completely pissed me off.. then on I kept asking my leads to take me off his case.. but nobody heard :(. As the days passed i grew more frustrated and he more dumber!!! Trust me I’m not exaggerating…. he actually asked me how to log off from a system ( after being associated with the damn box for the last.. what… five years???) and also didn’t know the shortcut to ” copy& Paste” ( That being the BIBLE of us techies!!!)

Finally the D Day arrived when I lost my cool and told my lead in front of him that he wasn’t understanding a word.. and I wanted out.. we had a few things fly here and there.. ( umm.. He said a few rude things.. I never spoke.. come on… you know me.. I can never fight…)Anyways its done and I’m more than happy to have him out of my hands.

So thats exactly how i was welcomed back… and then the rest of the time I was working hard trying to meet deadlines… umm.. And oh ya I was busy getting all nostalgic and cranky thinking abt coll days and my so called best friends around.. I mean all this was cause my b’day’s due this month…NO i’m not telling you when.. you WERE supposed to remember. So right now I’m missing home.. ( cause my brother’s back at home for his leave, and I won’t be going back this whole year due to my stupid medical leaves :(!!! ) and i’m also missing my college.. where i was wished By so many ppl and treated like a princess for the whole day… heheh well I was treated like a princess almost everydday by my sweet brother… ( thanks bhai) ( what doesn’t count is the emotional blackmail DUE to which he used to treat me nice 😉 )

Hmmmmmm…. anyways thats about it I guess… Oh ya I had a good friendship day ( ummm er….. I kinda pushed someone into taking me for a treat.. but then the act counts not the thought right… or was it the other way round… anyways thanks Rohit….)

And I went on this pseudo date last night.. actually it was just an outing with this cute buddy of mine.. but then thought of calling it our own pseudo date.. just for the heck of it.. ( well… it can get mighty frustrating when all you see around are couples :PPPPP)……. and I had some good fun time…we watched this amazing movie….(kudos to you ppl.. a very very tastefully made movie… after a really REALLY long time) Thanks S.

Oh ya on independence day we expressed our joy by hogging some amazing burgers.. and although I had initially gone out to just ” sit and watch” or ” have a small helping of some ice cream” I ended up having this totally amazing burger.. yumm!!! thanks Manas…..Indiana definitely rocks…….

For all those who’re wondering why am I getting all senti and stuff.. well first of all.. I am a nice person who’s just being nice to ppl who’ve been there.. and second of all………. DUDE.. maska!!!!! my birthday’s coming REMEMBER????? hehehe But seriously thanks a lot ppl.. or else surviving out here would have been really painful…. So long till the next time…….


One thought on “Long time…..

  1. Aurindam says:

    the 1st part really is… well…i m short od adjectives!!”data loss due 2 minimization of screen” … ahem!! … i get all kinda stupid ideas. n m wndrin how come this concept never stuck me!!And yeh…tera b’day kab hai!!.. smtime in the weekend… is it!!?? 😉 🙂


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