Chicken pox….

Man!!! chicken pox sucks.. for sure… Those of you who had it in their childhood, are just so damn lucky. I mean you were lucky enough to have you family wait on you and bunk school too. Its frustrating to have it later ( like what i’ve got ), cause u can’t really do much, apart from missing out on ur social life ( oh k!!! stop smirking.. i agree i don’t really have much of a social life.. but i’d like to keep my options open !!!) , you actually have to do everything on ur own… And the kind of drab food u’re supposed to eat.. yuck.. i know i know i’ve almost gained expertise on making khichdi, but i swear once i get all well… i won’t be touching that stupid khichdi for a very very very long time.
Anyways since i couldn’t help it and had to take off weeks from work, i thought i’d rather study and make full use of it. But i should’ve guessed that the stars above ( or whatever crap you believe in ) wouldn’t really let me have my way. The first whole week i was too weak to even eat. And i slept… good lord!!! like a log.. throughout. It was almost as if i was trying to compensate for the lost sleep during my last 22 years. Anyways this week i finally thought i would get some work done.. if not anything i would atleast be able to blog regularly( although my life sucks big time and i don’t have ANYTHING to write about…).But my famous Luck came into play once again. Every time i sit up and try to study, either i feel to woozy and have to lie down or some very unreachable area start to itch so very shockingly that the rest of the day is spent in trying to reach and scratch that area. And oh then there was the calamine ceremony, where we very religiously put calamine lotion on all our blisters to keep them from itching and hurting. When me and my roomie started it for the first time, we were very careful and sincere. We used to locate each blister and then put a drop of calamine lotion and spread it out evenly. But as the days passed by so did our patience, now all we do is lather up the lotion over the entire area of blisters…. so we basically we move around like these weird people covered in lotion…..hehehe
And today was the height of uselessness and boredom. I actually googled “chicken pox” and sat through an entire hour trying to read up various material on this stupid subject. God i just wish i’m fine soon. Anyways tomorrow we go to see our doc, hopefully we should be fine again in a weeks time…and even if i’m not i’m going out and hogging on chicken.. i don’t care what happens after that 😦


One thought on “Chicken pox….

  1. Aurindam says:

    i understand what u mite b goin thru’ but still i guess u can do bttr than…..googling “chicken pox” and sitting through an entire hour trying to read up various material on this stupid subject!!n yeh… nice 2 kno u r tryin ur hand at cooking…when m i invited!!??


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