"Embarrassing" with a capital E

Hey there… well you still waiting for me to churn out that random thing of today???People there’s nothing random happening…. nothing even remotely new!!!It’s all so damn routine and mundane that it’s no wonder that I’ve not answered a single call in my usual sprits or even have written something more thought provoking. But know what’s really strange? This place! It’s almost as if it is trying a bit too hard to kick me out. And probably every person I’ve spoken to… in the past six months has been trying to tell me that I should just pack my bags and go back to my parents.. And stay there for a good two months or three….. And at times when such bad things keep happening to me one after the other, I do give it a second thought… It is precisely at these moments that my Leo trait of being “stubborn” and “obstinate” comes into limelight… I’ve finally decided to stay back and put up a fight with all this … and I mean it. I’ll not pack up and scurry away… not this time (not that I’ve ever done that running away thing…)

Hey know what I was just going through all my childhood stories and I just realised that if I started writing about all of them, I’ll probably end up writing a novel… hehehe hmm now that I actually think about it, I’ve always been quite a klutz and quite a good number of funny things have happened to me.. I mean there was this time when I was around four, I got my baby brother. And from what I have heard from people who knew me at that time, I wasn’t exactly… thrilled about it… in fact, even happiness was a remote emotion at that point of time, I was hyper sensitive ( i’m still that!), overtly jealous…and quite a drama queen ( hmmm ya!!! Even at that tender age… it’s just in my blood people!!!). Anyways to show that I needed every ounce of attention from my parents I “supposedly” started doing stuff that made my parents give me that attention. I used to throw tantrums around, and I went back a year or two in age when I decided I wasn’t still ready to drink milk from a glass… and continued to use the milk bottle (you know … the one with the rubber nipple and stuff). This was not at all acceptable with my poor parents who were trying to train me for school along with coping up with a new brat in the household.

So after a lot many well planned conspiracies to get rid of that damn bottle… they hit on this one. As I woke up one fine morning and demanded to have my duddu( ya that’s the baby term for milk ), my ma informed me that some crow had stolen it. Being the brat that I was… I first searched the entire house (whatever was in my reach) and then even tried to force them into submission by raising quite a hue and cry. When all attempts failed, I agreed to believe their dumb tale, and ran all around the locality throwing stones at all the crows in the vicinity, trying to make them get my bottle back.. heehe there ended my tryst with crows and my famous milk bottle.

I laughed at it the first time my dad told me. But not after that. Not cause it was oft repeated, but cause it started getting repeated at the most unfortunate gatherings and timings… like this once when I was standing with a couple of great looking bachelors( yup!!! Dad’s in the forces… always quite a good supply of hmm “great” bachelors ;)!!!), this one uncle walks up… and narrates this whole incident… including the gory details… of… err… what I was wearing ( which was ok by baby standards..But only by baby standards!). GAWD!!! That is what is called “embarrassing” people!!!( for more embarrassing updates of my life.. keep tuning in.. not that I promise something daily…. but then you just might get lucky :P)


2 thoughts on “"Embarrassing" with a capital E

  1. Aurindam says:

    “this one uncle walks up… and narrates this whole incident… including the gory details… of… err… what I was wearing ( which was ok by baby standards..But only by baby standards!). “LolzzzzzzI promise….I’ll keep tuning in!!…daily!!…twice if u want!!ButDetails plz!!!! :p 😀


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