Potter mania!!!

Here I am at the end of the second day of my isolation…. hmm I actually just deleted the post I wrote… it was too damn depressing for my taste… and anyhow that old man up there is having quite a good laugh at my expense… I didn’t want to give him one more chance to do it… So I thought of being really really really cheerful and get him all confused and irritated…heehehe what say!!!!

So I’m not going to get depressed just because I’m deprived of all the fun in my life. Just cause I have to stay in this one room for the entire day… just cause when I tried to find a friend who could help me out… I found none… just cause I don’t even have someone who can hug me and tell me it’ll be all ok… just cause nearly all of the people I’ve truly cared for… don’t really give me much of a thought…

Hmmm… okie dokie. With that out of my system lets get on to the random thing to be written about today. As u can all guess… chicken pox kind of sucks all the energy out of you… and doesn’t really allow u to be urself… or even do the normal things… so I spent the better half he day sleeping like a log.. and praising the almighty for creating “sleep”! It at least helped me kill time… for the other half I read the latest harry potter book… ahem well another version of the latest book I should mention… being the typical maniacal fan of potter series I did manage to lay my hands on at least three different version before the release of the book… and even after knowing that they were not the real one I managed to finish them all before the real one was due release… and then I got another version.. from a friend who like the others claimed that THIS definitely was the real one… hmmm who was I to doubt… and I proceeded to read it too! Quite an herculean task u see… if u have to read it from your lap top…. and by that I mean… u lie on your bed… in a very specific and uncomfortable angle so that u can read with ease without much movement on ur part… (well don’t know about satisfaction but it certainly gave me quite a nice back ache :(!!!)

So there I lay on my bed… covered with neem leaves on all sides…with one corner filled with chocolates and biscuits… with my laptop and my own self in a very weird angle… but I did manage to finish the whole book in about four hours straight… !!! And after I finally read the last chapter… all I wanted was to know which of the four versions that I had ploughed through… was the real one… so I changed tactics… and started calling up friends who didn’t call up to enquire about me… feigned sulking.. and tried emotionally blackmailing them into buying the book in return of which I would grant them pardon… but it seems like they didn’t really care much at my forgiveness… (sad for me!) so I called up a few others and reminded them that my birthday was fast approaching and I was ready to help them figure out my gift… but they didn’t seemed interested either.. this kind of pissed me off… Hmmm guess nobody really cares after all : (… well “nobody loves me … everybody hates me…”

Anyways… so long people… I really hope…”somebody” would care a bit for me….!!! (ok dodos… in case u don’t get subtle hints… here’s the deal… go get a book for me … pppppuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhlllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!)


3 thoughts on “Potter mania!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hmm…That doesn’t make sense..U want the gift right.Only difference is, u will get it from the most unexpected corners of the earth..So y not try telling u address..:))


  2. @ anonymous… just cause i allow anony comments… doesn’t mean you make me go on a wild goose chase…please leave your name 🙂 and i just might end up telling you where i live.. 😉


  3. Anonymous says:

    address please..!!!where ever u r..!!


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